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June 21-22, 2024 - Judge - Melissa Creswick

August 23-24, 2024 - Judge - Renee Johnson

November 1-2, 2024 - Judge - Creeky Routson

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Riding Clinics and Seminars

At Osierlea, we offer riding lessons for those interested in improving their riding skills. We hold riding clinics and seminars at our dressage facility in San Juan Bautista, California, where we teach all of the basics of horseback riding. Contact us to sign up for lessons or to learn more about our program.



We think of clinics as 8 to 10 riding lessons per day over a period of several days. During each clinic, we spend about an hour to an hour and a half addressing theory and providing hands-on training and demonstrations. Our clinics are often viewed as seminars because they last around four days and allow riders to digest the information we give them so they can build on it each day.


Our seminars are presented in two different formats and include lectures, theory, hands-on demonstrations, written handouts, and practical workouts for the horses and riders. The different types of seminars include:

» Public Presentation: The riders may be the focus, or the audience may be the focus (with the riders as "demonstrators"). There is a slightly different focus, depending on how the presentation is set up.
» Seminar for the Riders: A seminar is set up to help the riders. The audience serves only as observers.

Seminar Themes

Each seminar is given a theme. Some of the more popular themes include:

» Rider Biomechanics - An Elusive Issue
» Horse Biomechanics - A More Elusive Issue
» Centaur Biomechanics - An Even More Elusive Issue - Requires Addressing Both Rider and Horse Biomechanics
» Psychology of Learning/Training (The Brain Function of Horse and/or the Rider) - The Most Elusive Issue
» Groundwork - Basic Handling and Safety, Pre-Breaking, Rehab, and a Clearer Teaching of Special Issues
» Longeing
» Long Reining
» Recognition - Gaining a Better Understanding of the Training
» Starting Young Horses
» Rehabbing Problem Horses
» Showing Horses in Hand for Breed Shows, Keurings, and Other Events
» Strategies for Test Riding and Showing - Preparing for Test Riding, Schooling for the Test, Warm-Up Strategies, and Fooling the Judge


Training: $1,400.00 Monthly (Board Included)
Board: $600.00 Monthly
Daily Rate: $30.00 (Usually in Conjunction with Lessons)
Lessons: Jeff - $90.00, Laurel - $75.00
Clinics: Jeff - $700.00 per Day, Plus Expenses; Laurel - $600.00 or $75.00 per Lesson, Plus Expenses
Judging: Jeff - $550.00 per Day, Plus Expenses; Laurel - $350.00 per Day, or $50.00 per Hour, Plus Expenses
Breeding: Frozen Semen available from Vosmaer, Rubinstein, and Taxateur. Click here for details.

*Special packages are available for extended stays with multiple lessons and/or horses. School horses are occasionally available. Contact management for pricing if you are interested in using our facilities for other organizations.


Everyone enjoyed working with and learning from Jane at our Spring Clinic this year.

Jane Bartle-Wilson clinics are usually held Spring and Fall.  If you are interested in riding with Jane contact us at Osierlea@yahoo.com to add your email to our list and we will let you know when she is scheduled to come again.

Click here for Jeff's write-up of our Spring Conference