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One of our best assets is the covered arena which enables us to work year-round. This arena has excellent lighting, large mirrors, a stereo sound system, and a PA system. It also features a gallery for groups of up to 50 people, as well as a lanai that can be used for serving food and refreshments or as additional seating.

Our outdoor show arena, with raised judge's bank and gazebo, spectator tent, and sound system, is landscaped to be separated from the chaos of parking and stabling.

Our second outdoor arena is a full sized dressage arena and is lined with mature trees, offering shade for much of the day. We use this and the covered arena for warm-up at shows.

The north arena is our newest full-size arena. We use it as a designated longeing area for our shows and for general use during other times.

There are 10' x 12' stalls inside the covered arena, as well as 16' x 26' covered paddocks along the outside of this arena.

Our former stallion facility has seven 16' x 24' stalls, some with turnouts.

Most of our horses, including those in training, enjoy the spacious turnouts. They all have shade trees, fixed feeders (with rubber mats underneath), and automatic water troughs.

The conference room can accommodate up to 50 people, has an 80" flat-screen TV with multi-media capability and surround sound. There are plenty of chairs and tables as needed, or we can clear the room for exercises, demonstrations, or dancing. The built-in buffet is ideal for conference lunches or social gatherings, and the kitchen is perfect for prep and the storage of food.

Just off the conference room is a wonderful library with wall-to-wall books. Guests can sit and read, chat with fellow horse enthusiasts, or play a game of chess. Food and drinks are not allowed in the library, and the books must not leave the room.

The terrace on the east side of the conference room is ideal for guests to have lunch and relax.